Електро музик 2017

A.O. Scott

There was a lot to feel bad about in plenty of reasons to take offense, get angry, go numb or feel sick to your stomach.

електро музик 2017

If that sentence bummed you out, I’m sorry. (It was an epic year for dubious apologies, too.) Електро музик 2017 I’m not sorry about this list of the movies — a top 10 and a second 11 — that made me feel other, better ways.

Not always cheerful, but enlightened, moved, surprised and gratified. In bad times, we tend to either ask too much or expect too little of art, pretending it might heal or save us, and dismissing it when it doesn’t.

Its actual function is much simpler: it keeps us human. That’s what these movies did for me this year.


The promise of an independent, socially conscious, aesthetically adventurous homegrown cinema is spectacularly redeemed in Sean Baker’s latest feature, which managed to be both the most joyful and the most heartbreaking movie of the year.

Steeped in the gaudy materialism of Central Florida, animated by Brooklynn Prince’s gleeful spontaneity and anchored by Willem Dafoe’s deep craft, the movie already has a feeling of permanence. Ms. Prince’s Moonee has earned a place in the canon of American mischief alongside the likes of Eloise and Tom Sawyer.


In a high school production of Shakespeare, Christine McPherson is cast as “the tempest.” “It’s the titular role!” says her once-and-future best friend — one електро музик 2017 many odd, funny and perfectly apt lines електро музик 2017 Greta Gerwig’s sort-of-autobiographical coming-of-age story.

In its titular role (Christine prefers to be called Lady Bird), Saoirse Ronan is an utterly convincing American year-old, and everyone else in her hectic world is just as sharply and sympathetically drawn.

The film’s gentle, affirmative view of friendship, family life and adolescent sexuality is the opposite of sentimental.


Jordan Peele wrote and directed the inescapable movie електро музик 2017a work of biting електро музик 2017 filmmaking that broke box office records.

електро музик 2017

Part of the film’s genius is the way it splinters the mythology of American racial healing and електро музик 2017 reassembles the shards into something lacerating and beautiful. Possibly conceived as a mordant punch line to the Obama era, it may turn out to be the inaugural blast of insurgent cinema in the age of Trump.