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Go to, and start the puppet show.

Complete the puppet show to get various items in the game. You collect the items in the Guild Hall, in the chest by the Cullis gate. To get all the items, use the fable 2 прохождение лки directions:

    Book and Dye: Left + Evil + first option + Evil + third option
    Doll and Tattoo : Down + Good + third option + Good + first option
    Three Piece Chicken Suit: Left + Evil + first option + Good + second option
Infinite XP

When playing the game for the first time, you may be prompted to update it with an online download.

Do not accept this download, and continue to play the game. This trick must be done with an unpatched game. When you reach Oakfield and have at least 5,000 gold, buy the very first house you see once you fable 2 прохождение лки the zone. Fable 2 прохождение лки should have a wood chopping job nearby. Once you buy and own this house, sleep in the bed.

You should now have a speed bonus. Press Start, and go into the "Skills" menu. Go to "Skill", and fable 2 прохождение лки "Speed" has one star. Press Fable 2 прохождение лки, A(2) to remove experience from Speed into General experience, but the star will still remain. Keep doing this until you have enough for Rank 2, then Rank 3, and finally Rank 4.

Then, do this until you have enough General experience to buy out all skills, strength, and will skills. You will now be maxed out on everything.

Go to the Temple of Light, and perform the "Easy gold" trick that requires the system date and time being set ahead.

Get a few million gold. Then, donate all your gold. Afterwards, you will notice some green General Experience around the donation pedestal. Use RT to gather it up. You should get a few thousand experience points, depending on if you donated a few thousand gold fable 2 прохождение лки a few million.

After your character has leveled up a few times, insert a second controller, and begin a Co-op mode game without using a fable 2 прохождение лки profile.

Go to your henchman's abilities on controller two. Remove all of the abilities to return the experience to the pool. Quit the Co-op mode game. The extra experience from the pool will be transferred to your character. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Infinite Legendary Rising Sun weapon

After you complete the "Donate To The Temple Of Light" quest and get the Legendary Rising Sun cleaver, leave the temple, and go back towards Oakfield.

When you get to the split in the path where you can go over the small bridge to the right to travel to Oakfield, stay left, and follow the path up the small hill towards the ruins at the top of the hill. When you get to the ruins, to the left is the entrance to the Wellspring Cave. Enter the cave, then turn around, and leave.

When you get done loading the outside, you will receive another Rising Sun. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Easy XP

Purchase an Experience Potion from a vendor at either Browerstone or Westcliff, then find some enemies to battle.

Normally when you dispatch the enemies and absorb their Orbs, you will get fable 2 прохождение лки message at the top stating "Excellent Fight! 150% XP", or something similar. After you defeat the enemies, and before you absorb the Orbs, use the Experience Potion. The experience point bonus percentage will also apply to the potion, meaning you could earn 62,500 XP and get up to three times that amount. You can also buy lots of potions at the Crucible and use them in several of the fights (for example, the first bandit fight).

Easy gold

Buy some real estate, such as a food vendor stall or house.

Once the real estate is fable 2 прохождение лки, adjust the rent/profits price to 100% of their default by clicking on the property paper on the side of the property. Save the game once the fable 2 прохождение лки has been raised.

If you are connected to Xbox Live, disconnect as that will automatically update the clock and date. Exit to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and access the clock.

Adjust the date and time. For best results, adjust the clock as far ahead in time as possible. For example, if the saved game date is June 1, 2008 at 12:00 a.m., adjust the clock to December 31, 2028 at 11:59 p.m. Then, reload the game, and select "Continue". Once the game loads, wait a few seconds. You will see a large lump sum suddenly appear over your character's head. This is the money that you have accumulated in your "absence" from playing the game.

Save the game. If fable 2 прохождение лки have Xbox Live, the easiest way to repeat this is to sign onto the service. Once the clock automatically resets to the correct time, save the game, quit, and repeat the trick.

This works because the game gives you gold every five minutes in real time whether or not you are playing the game or have it turned off.

Once you have acquired enough gold in Bowerstone Market from the Blacksmith job, go to the Bowerstone Slums, and buy the most expensive weapons from the weapon trader. Next, go to Fairfax Gardens, and sell them to one of the wandering merchants (must be a weapons trader).

You will gain over 30% in profit. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

In Sparrow's childhood, give all five warrants to the guard. When Sparrow reaches adolescence (early adulthood), get a job as a blacksmith.

Earn at least 10,000 gold in addition to how much gold you need to get the new clothes, books, and other items desired. Because you turned in the warrants to the guard, you will be given a 50% discount from all merchants in Old Town Bowerstone. Go to Oakfield, and finish the "Hero Of Strength" quest.

When done, return to Old Town Bowerstone, and go up to the weapons merchant. Make him love you, and if you can, make him fear you as well (if he hates you, you will get higher prices).

Love and Fear give a 15% discount each. With both to the maximum plus the 50% means you will get an 80% discount. Buy all of his steel weaponry, and go to Fairfax Gardens, where all merchants have between a 35% and 40% markup in prices.

Sell those items to the weapons merchant there. Do not make them Hate, Fear, or Love you because this will decrease the amount they buy the weapons. This will fable 2 прохождение лки 5,000 gold into 20,000 gold.

Sleep for 24 hours at a pub, and repeat the process. If he has not restocked with steel weaponry, sleep for 24 hours again.

Check in with him each time you wake up. He will definitely be restocked after two days sleep. Basically, you are becoming a trader. You can own everything in a matter of a few hours, because you can get well over 100,000 gold in under 10 minutes. Also, if you find steel weapons with two augment slots, make sure you keep one ranged weapon and one melee weapon for yourself. Weapons with two augment slots are difficult to find in stores.

When playing the game for the first time, you may be prompted to update it with an online download.

Do not accept this download, and continue to play the game. This trick must be done with an unpatched game. When you reach Bowerstone Market, do not walk to the clock tower. Instead, do the Blacksmith job until you have a decent amount of gold (15,000 to 20,000 gold recommended).

Quit the job, and buy only the cheap houses in Bowerstone Market or Bowerstone Slums. Rent out those houses with 0% added to rent. Once done, save, and quit the game. Go to the Xbox 360 Dashboard when offline. Go to your system settings, and set the date to thirty days or one month later. Start the game again. Fable 2 прохождение лки the fable 2 прохождение лки saved game file, and continue.

After the game resumes, you should receive a large sum of gold from rent. Continue to buy and rent out more houses, and set the system time one month ahead until you have about 4 million gold. You can now buy all properties in Albion and eventually get the "Ruler Of Albion" achievement.

Note: This trick requires the full download of Fable 2 Pub Games. Play that game until you have an extremely high debt (any amount, but you can only do this trick once -- so a very high number is recommended).

Then, start Fable 2. This trick must be done with an unpatched game; do not accept any online fable 2 прохождение лки. Go to the Bowerstone town square, and make enough gold to buy the cow and Fable 2 прохождение лки Inn (for example, by blacksmithing). After you buy the inn, go into Fable 2 Pub Games, and merge your Fable 2 character with the character that has the extremely high debt.

Save the game, then return to Fable 2. You should gain all the money you owe in debt as gold because you now own the inn fable 2 прохождение лки one of the game masters is in.

In Westcliff, when Barnum wants you to invest in his project for 5,000 gold, do so. In approximately ten years Westcliff will fable 2 прохождение лки be poverty stricken or slummy; it will be wealthy, and he will give you 15,000 gold.

Easy love

An easy and fast way to get people in love with you, male and or female, is to buy the "Noble" clothes from the tailors.

Put on all the clothing, and almost everyone will be in love with you. The clothes will increase their attraction to you by a large amount. This is useful for the "Till Death Do Us Part" quest because the fable 2 прохождение лки should be instantly in love with you.

You should not have to worry about making them love you. It does not look the best on your character, fable 2 прохождение лки everyone will love you.

Easy The Chopper

An easy way to get The Chopper in the Crucible is have a partner be a henchman, and take on the levels together.

Getting cheaper houses

Find a house that you want. Learn who the owner is.

To maintain a good personality, get people to follow you, and let bandits or other enemies kill the house's owner. For a bad personality, turn safety off, and kill the fable 2 прохождение лки. The price will go down by approximately 250 gold.

The Daichi

After getting to Brightwood Tower, climb to the top.

When you reach the Cullis gate, turn left (by the stairs). You will see a part where the railing has crumbled. Jump from there. You will go down a well into Fable 2 прохождение лки Knot. Behind you is a Gargoyle.

Follow the path into a room. On the right, the wall has crumbled away. Shoot the fable 2 прохождение лки Orb in the fable 2 прохождение лки. Go through the newly unlocked door. Go up the stairs, and enter a new room with a spiked floor. On the far wall, there are candles and skulls. The candles detail the safe path through the spikes.

Hit the Orb, and go up the stairs. Run past the statue for now, and go up the stairs. Step on the glowing floor tile. Go back down, and imitate the statues expression (for example, the roar). Hit the now free Orb, and return to the upstairs room.

On this floor, the candles and skulls have fallen. Make your way to the right, and use Slow Time to avoid the spikes. You cannot walk on tiles which the spikes appear; ignore the key for now. Go upstairs, open the chest, then return downstairs. You will find the spikes are now deactivated. Get the key. Go back up and out the door to Brightwood. Once outside, go right. The chest there contains the legendary weapon "The Diachi", which is a katana stronger than a master level with Devastation, Bewitching, and Killerwatt Augments.

The Hammerthyst

The Hammerthyst is very easy to obtain if you have the "Blow A Kiss" expression.

Go to Oakfield, and blow a kiss at the Demon Door. The Hammerthyst is a slow speed blunt weapon, with 78.0 damage and the Barkskin augmentation. Barkskin makes you more resistant to damage, but less resistant to scarring. It looks like a large purple crystal mounted to a two handed shaft, with golden motes pulsating around it.

Legendary weapon locations

Legendary weapons can be found at the following locations:

Melee weapons

Hal's Sword

    Damage: 22; Type ???; Attack Speed: Fast; Augments: three empty slots
    Location: Chest at the end of the Chamber Of Fate (downloadable content)

The Calavera

    Damage: 67; Type: Mace; Attack Speed: Slow; Augments: Flame
    Location: Westcliffe Demon Door

The Chopper

    Damage: 96; Type: Axe; Attack Speed: Slow; Augments: Discipline, Stoneskin
    Location: Score eight perfect rounds in The Crucible.

The Daichi

    Damage: 91; Type: Katana; Attack Speed: Fast; Augment: Devastation, Bewitching, Killerwatt
    Location: From Cullis Gate area of Brightwood Tower.

    Look for a gap in the railing, and vault over it into Archon's Knot tomb, and make your way through it. When coming out of the exit, there is a chest to the right containing this fable 2 прохождение лки Hammerthyst

      Damage: 78; Type: Hammer; Attack Speed: Slow; Augments: Barkskin
      Location: Oakfield Demon Door, in the windmill

    The Maelstrom

      Damage: 58; Type: Cutlass; Attack Speed: Fable 2 прохождение лки Augment: Scourge
      Location: Temple of Shadows.

      Gain 2,000 points, then sacrifice your husband or wife and three monks between 12 a.m. and 1 a.m.

    The Rising Sun

      Damage: 61; Type: Cleaver; Attack Speed: Normal; Augment: Righteous Violence
      Location: Temple of Light.

      Donate 5,000 gold. After the monk tells you about the harvest benefactor, donate 10,000 gold between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m.

    The Wreckager

      Damage: 78; Type:Cutlass; Attack Speed: Normal; Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch, Stoneskin.
      Location: Halls Of The Dead (downloadable content in Limited Edition only)

    Ranged weapons

    The Enforcer

      Damage: 177; Type: Blunderbuss; Attack Speed: Slow; Augments: Barkskin, Luck Charm
      Location: Successfully complete the "Cold Comfort Farmer" and "The Blind Date" quests.

      This will let you buy Farmer Giles farm, which contains a key that will let you down into the fable 2 прохождение лки cellar in the barn. It is at a dig spot at the end.

    The Perforator

      Damage: 81; Type: Turret Rifle; Attack Speed; Normal Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin; Augments: Fear Itself, Discipline, Barkskin
      Location: Wraithmarsh Demon Door.

      In a cave in the back.

    The Rammer

      Damage: 119; Type: Crossbow; Attack Speed: Normal; Augments: Ghoul, Flame, Bewitching
      Location: Gargoyles Treasure. This unlocks the "Gargoyles Treasure" achievement. You must also shoot all 50 Gargoyles.

    The Red Dragon

      Damage: 41; Type: Pistol; Attack Speed: Normal; Augments: Devastation, Lucky Charm
      Location: Westcliff shooting range.

      Score 175 or higher in one game.

    Demon Door locations

    The Demon Doors can be found at the following locations:

    Forgotten Keep

      Location: Bowerstone Cemetery
      How to open: This Demon Door is hungry and wants to eat some meat. You can buy him anything or you can kick a fable 2 прохождение лки towards him.

      He will open fable 2 прохождение лки mouth wide, and you will get some experience points.

      Reward: Balverine Strength fable 2 прохождение лки, Practiced Skill potion, and Infused Will potion


      Location: Oakfield
      How to open: This Demon Door wants to see true love. Have a person fall in love with you, then make them follow you. Propose to him or her in front of the door, and he will open.

      If you are already married, have your spouse follow you to the door. After the door speaks to you, blow him or her a kiss, and the door will open.

      Reward: Serenity Farm marital home, "Come Hither Dear" book (teaches the expression "Come Back To My Fable 2 прохождение лки, and the legendary mace Hammerthyst

    Memory Lane

      Location: Rookridge
      How to open: This Demon Door wants to see a dog show.

      Have your dog perform four different tricks. Perform an expression, and depending on what your dog knows, he will react to it. For example, Point and Laugh, and the dog will urinate on the door; Fart, and the dog will cower; play fetch and do the Chicken expression, and he will roll over.

      Reward: Potion Of Life

    Terry Cotter's Army

      Location: Wraithmarsh
      How to open: Bring a large audience to him.

      You need at least ten followers. Note: Have people follow you, then fast travel to "The Drowned Farm". Sometimes a Banshee will be here. If so, use Time Magic to slow down their minions, and kill them quickly before you lose your people.

    The Arid Sea

      Location: Bower Lake
      How to open: Fable 2 прохождение лки to his script using expressions.

      To perform all the required acts, you must progress through the game, and spend some time in the bookstore buying and learning expressions. Many of those can be learned in books from the Bowerstone Book Store, but several (for example, Laugh and Worship) can only be acquired based on your actions and renown. The fable 2 прохождение лки is Laugh, Fart, Point and Laugh, Middle Finger, Vulgar Thrust, Growl, Bloodlust Roar, Worship, Dance, and Blow A Kiss.

      Reward: Lucky Charm Augment

    The Sanctum

      Location: Fairfax Gardens under the castle
      How to open: Will not open until he is the last Demon Door remaining.

      Reward: Marcus' Poems and 50,000 gold

    The Sepulchre

      Location: Brightwood
      How to open: You must have cheese to open the door. After that, he will tell you to get Muttonchops (also known as The Chops) from the Bowerstone barber and a Posh Gentlemen's Shirt or Noble Blouse from the Bowerstone tailor.

      When you have those, go to Oakfield, and buy the Farmer's Hat from the clothing stall. Next, go fable 2 прохождение лки Bloodstone, and buy the Dreadlocks from the barber. Finally, buy the Strumpet Skirt from some of the wandering traders (can be found around Rookridge). The main objective is to get your Ugliness as high as possible.

      Reward: Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers

    The Vault

      Location: Westcliff
      How to open: This Demon Door wants to see someone very bad.

      You must have a Corruption level that is higher than the Purity level. The easiest way to do this is buy real estate, and drive up rents and prices on your properties. You can check your Corruption level by pausing the game, selecting "Logbook", and viewing your Personality.

      Reward: The legendary mace, Calavera

    Winter Lodge

      Location: The path leading from Wraithmarsh to Bloodstone.

      How to open: Play a lute perfectly. This takes a while as you must hold the expression.
      Reward: Master Longsword
    Sculpture Plinth locations

    Find and activate the following Sculpture Plinth, then go to the Oakvale sculptor to have them created to gain Renown:

      Bloodstone: On the waterfront/docks
      Brightwood: North part of map next to the gate and ruined castle
      Fairfax Castle: On the grounds in the circular water feature
      Oakfield: Near the Sandgoose Inn
      Westcliff: Next to the middle of the map near the shooting range
    Silver Key locations

    The 50 Silver Keys can be found at the following locations:

    Bandit Coast


      The key is about halfway down the path on the left. Your dog should react, but if not, it is on the path before it turns 180 degrees and above the circle path shape according to the map.


      2. In the sarcophagus of a small crypt on the right, as soon as you enter Bloodstone. To get in, go to the expression statue room on the right as soon as you enter Bloodstone.

      3. Just up from the last Gargoyle. Do not go in the cave entrance.

      Instead, bear to the right of it, and vault down for it. To get there, do the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest.

      4. Back in the entrance of the Sink Hole Cavern, after completing the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest.

      5. In the cellar next to the furniture shop.

      fable 2 прохождение лки

      Open the locked door inside with the hit switch.

      6. In a dive spot at the end of the dock, underneath the crane on the way to the Sinkhole Cavern.

    Bower Lake

      7. On the island by the entrance to the Bower Lake tomb.

      8. Directly north of the Bower Lake region exit fable 2 прохождение лки east), just above the center on the map, on the far right.

      9. In the Tomb Of Heroes, in the next room where you see Charlie, the key is on the right behind a pillar.

      Your dog should react to it. Note: Access to the caves requires the "Rescuing Charlie" quest.


      In the gypsy camp, instead of leaving under the gate, go to the back, and follow the dirt path. Fable 2 прохождение лки, climb the fable 2 прохождение лки stairs ahead of you. The key is at the top.

    Bowerstone Cemetery

      11. In the fable 2 прохождение лки camp, after you go under the bridge, go to the right. On the map, it is the road slightly below the mansion.

      12. Directly behind where you just stood at the top of the hill.

      13. In the Shelley Crypt, just after you open the first chest and go back into the crypt room with all the open concrete coffin, notice the wall fable 2 прохождение лки the far side of the room.

      Break it down fable 2 прохождение лки find the key.

      14. On the top floor in the Cemetery Mansion, in the fireplace.

    Bowerstone Market

      15. In the furniture shop's cellar, shoot the symbol to open the Cullis Gate.


      In the secret passage. To get there, go to the carriage place, and follow the path down to the water, and jump in. The entrance is under the steps of the southeast dock; look for the ripple.

      17. Buried behind the pub. Take your dog down to find it. Collect it before completing the game.

    Bowerstone Old Town

      18. In a cellar just to the right of central in the furthest alley according to the map.


      On the upstairs balcony of the "The Invisible Hand" house. This is the first house on the right coming from Bowerstone Cemetery.


      Under the staircase in the Old Town Warehouse; buy or smash the door.


      21. Available at the end of the first left track, coming from Bower Lake.

      22. Located at the southern-most fable 2 прохождение лки of the Bandit Camp, to the right of an iron wrought gate. Bandit Camp is slightly south of the big black structure on the map, on the west side of the river.


      At the fable 2 прохождение лки of the broken bridge, above the previous Gargoyle.

      24. In the final area of the Farm Cellar area, where you get The Enforcer. To gain access, you must have completed "The Blind Date" quest and bought the farm.

      25. In the final puzzle room of Archon's Knot.

    Fairfax Castle

      26. In Lady Grey's Tomb, second floor on the way to the exit.

      The key is just to the right of the door as you come out from the stairs.

      27. Underneath the steps to the big castle/mansion.

    Guild Cave


      In first big room after you enter from Bower Lake, after the big dive, in the left corner on the way to the door.


      29. On the south of the lake on the fable 2 прохождение лки to the Temple Of Light.

      30. In the north corner of the field of the house with the windmill.


      In Wellspring Cave, behind the first water fill up point. Take the left tunnel from central.

      32. In the first large room of the Echo Cave (located between the Rookridge road exit and windmill house).

      33. In the Manure Manor, the first on the right coming from Rookridge.

      34. Upstairs in the Porridge Cottage, next to the sculptor.


      35. On Bowerstone Road on the small, high, isolated island where you meet the ghost for an early quest.

      A statue of someone looking out to sea is there.

      36. In the Gemstone Grotto, when the bridge is down and you must dive down, keep swimming as far as you can go, then follow the track. Follow the grotto around to find it.

      37. Buried on the left, just before you enter the Hobbe Cave's monster central room with an "S"-shaped pathway.

      38. By the old shack building where fable 2 прохождение лки exit of the Hobbe Cave comes out. Run around the edge; overlooking the canyon is a Silver Key.


      Upon the broken rail tracks, at the very end of the tracks going north.

      40. Inside the Temple Of Shadows, in the room to the left with fable 2 прохождение лки the fancy chairs.


      41. In the first camp in a building on the left, after crossing the first bridge.

      42. In an alcove by the water's edge. Before you go into the ruins, jump down, and go back to get out.

      You will see it on the left.

      43. In the spiral staircase (at the top of Howling Halls).

      44. Down by the docks on the right.


      45. Before you enter the first swamped town area. The fable 2 прохождение лки is up the stairs in the building on your left.

      46. On the fable 2 прохождение лки as you enter the wide open cemetery with fog fable 2 прохождение лки the floor.


      In the final room of Twinblade's Tomb. To get access, complete the "Love Hurts" quest.

      48. In the sarcophagus, in the final room of Twinblade's Tomb.

      49. On the grass ledge as you come out of Twinblade's Tomb onto Wraithmarsh.

      50. In the next room, the far left wall is destructible in the Shadow Court. To gain access, complete the "Hero Of Skill" quest.

    Silver Key chest locations

    The Silver Key chests can be found at the following locations.

    Use the indicated number of Silver Keys to open the corresponding chest:

    One Silver Key


      In the southern area of the Bowerstone lake, directly opposite where the path splits in three directions. It contains the "Dog Tricks fable 2 прохождение лки The Bunny Hop" book.


      In the Bowerstone graveyard fable 2 прохождение лки the left of the statue when facing it.

      3. Travel on the path from Bowerstone Lake towards Brightwood. You will find some ruined arches.

      Look at the debris on the side of the path which has three arched windows. Opposite the debris is a path leading to a single archway.

      Go through that archway to find the trap on the right (east on map).

    Five Silver Keys

      4. Travel on Fairfax road in Bowerstone. Look for the chest on the left side in a fenced-in area next to a small pond.

      5. Travel from the Old Bowerstone Market, and enter Rookridge. The chest is on the left past the tree and dig location.

      It contains 500 gold.

      6. Travel from Old Bowerstone to Cemetery Road to reach Rookridge Road. When you enter this area from Cemetery Road, follow the right fable 2 прохождение лки when the path splits. Follow it to a kneeling statue, with the chest next to it. It contains a ruby.

      7. Travel on Bowerstone Road in Rookridge. Go to the southern-most part of the map, and follow the turn to find a chest next to a kneeling statue.


      Inside the ruined tower in the middle of the Brightwood map.

      9. Search the shooting range in Westcliff near the middle of the map.

    Ten Silver Keys

      10. Go through Oakfield cemetery, and follow the path up. You will find the chest at the end, northeast of the map. It contains a Slash and Burn Augment.

      11. Search fable 2 прохождение лки tomb at the bottom of the map.

      12. At the Westcliff path, there is an "O" on the map. Search the area where the path reaches the "O".


      Go to the right side of the Gypsy Camp. Go through the opening in the fence (after it appears later in the game), and follow the dirt track to a ruined tower. The chest is at the base of the tower. It contains the Storm Star Augment.

    Fifteen Silver Keys

      14. Follow the path past the Inn in Rookridge.

      Move along the rail track. Search the area around a wooden water tower to your left.

      15. Search under the stone stairs in the Cullis Gate area in the southeast of the map.

      16. Travel in Wraithmarsh towards Bloodstone to find a chest on the right.

    Twenty Silver Keys


      Travel on the road to Westcliff, and search the ruined slave camp at the southern part of the map.

      18. Travel from Bloodstone into Wraithmarsh.

      Follow the path left and to the end.

    Fifty Silver Keys

      19. Purchase Fairfax Castle, and look in the throne room.

    Gargoyle locations

    The 50 Gargoyles can be found at the following locations. They can sometimes be heard before they are seen. Use the Fine Aim skill to shoot and destroy them. The first Gargoyle you destroy gives you a map and starts the side quest to destroy all 50 of them.

    Bandit Coast

      1. Go down the left path through the double doors.

      It is on the left in a cubby hole.

      2. Go to the furthest left camp on the map. Stand in between the cart and the barrels at the far end and look left, very high.



      On the first crane you find on the docks.

      4. On Lion Head’s Isle, by the big waterfall as you come out of the island area (after you dive in). You must do the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest to get here.

      5. On the first tier, as far south as you can go, up a level in front of you.


      On the rocks, out to sea. Jump in the sea as far as you can to the north. Swim out a distance to find it.

    Bower Lake

      7. Slightly north of the Brightwood exit, near a silver chest.


      On the same structure as the one fable 2 прохождение лки above.

      9. South of the Bower Lake Tomb, on the nearest ruin.

      10. In the Tomb Of Heroes, after you go through the first fable 2 прохождение лки room, the Gargoyle is behind you while in the corridor. Note: You must do the "Rescuing Charlie" quest to gain access to caves.

      11. The Gargoyle is by the gypsy camp.

      When inside, go as far as you can west to the cliff edge, and look down across the water. Note: This area is blocked off early in the game; try after you have been to Bloodstone.

    Bowerstone Cemetery

      12. After going through the main fable 2 прохождение лки, go up the steps, and bear right to the tomb at the end.

      Stand back to see the Gargoyle, which is up and slightly to the right.

      13. Found up the next set of stairs from the Gargoyle mentioned above. Go up the next set of stairs above it, and look behind you. You will see it above the tomb.


      Go right to the bottom of the map. Go to the bottom right, by the square. On the steps, turn around, and shoot it on the left.

      15. Found on the fable 2 прохождение лки wall behind fable 2 прохождение лки closed gate to the path directly south of the Cemetery Mansion. Stand by the closed gate, and you will hear him.


      In the Shelley Crypt mini activation stone room, next to the fable 2 прохождение лки right torch.

    Bowerstone Market

      17. In the eastern outer wall, up the stairs, as far as the walkway takes you.


      Down by the riverfront on the east side of the river, through the small tunnel.

      19. On the second floor of the furniture shop in the town square. Found in the furthest room upstairs.

      20. In the carriage compartment (east side of the bridge). Take the carriage fable 2 прохождение лки to get in, then fast travel back.

    Bowerstone Old Town

      21. On the side of the watertower-style building on the side of the big warehouse.

      It is on the way to the exits to fable 2 прохождение лки Rockridge and the cemetery.

      22. On the stairs of The Felling Residence. Purchase or kick the door in. It can be found almost in the middle of the map, just slightly lower.



      On the back of the black structure on the southeastern island on the map.

      24. Above an arch on the way to Westcliff (behind you when going there). It is near the southwestern-most water on the map.

      25. Opposite of the left ramp in the Forsaken Fortress.

      26. Behind you as you drop down in Archon's Knot. To get there, vault from the broken wall next to the Cullis Gate you open to get to Wrathmarsh.


      After buying the Brightwood Tower for 250,000 gold, stand by Garth's bed, and look out the window to see the Gargoyle.

    Fairfax Castle

      28. In Lady Grey’s Tomb in Fairfax Gardens, as you go in and down the steps. Before you fable 2 прохождение лки down, go straight ahead.

      29. Above the entrance to the big castle/mansion.

      30. In the Fairfax Fable 2 прохождение лки, in the library.

    Guild Cave


      In the big open cavern with water and lots of bridges. Oh the highest part of the island with the stalagmites and the stalactites.


      32. Behind the sculptures house in Oakfield; central north of the map.

      33. On the bridge opposite the tavern.

      34. On the ruins on the north east lake; top left corner of the map.


      35. On the right before you go in the Hobbe Cave after making the big dive down from the broken bridge.


      In the Hobbe Cave, in the cylindrical room with the spiral map round the outside. Look up to see it.

      37. In the mountains, directly at the top of the wheel device at the top.

      38. In the Temple Of Shadows, in far right corner as you go in.

      The Temple Of Shadows is the big church on the hill. To gain entrance, you must eat five Crunchy Chicks at its gates.

      39. Above the entrance to the room you just entered inside the Temple Of Shadows with the key there.



      On the left of the path just after the first Balverine attack. At the first left off the main path, turn around.

      41. Go to the top of the big structure before you cross the first bridge. Vault down, and it is straight ahead.

      42. Before you go in to Howling Halls, stand at the top of the stairs in the ruins. Look behind you and up and left.


      In the far right corner fable 2 прохождение лки the main hall in Howling Halls. Note: It is a very large room.

      44. To fable 2 прохождение лки right of the gravel path down to the docks.

      Stop on the first wooden part, and look up at the cliff.


      45. In the building opposite the cage you were stashed in.


      Behind the building as you cross the first swamp into Oakvale. It looks like an old carriage building.

      47. Just after you cross through the wooden tunnel bridge, at the next set of ruins. It is on one of the pillars on the right side before you go up the steps.

      48. After the fog ground filled graveyard, just before you go under the next bridge, turn around. It is on one of the tombs on the right.

      49. Above the door in the fable 2 прохождение лки room of Twinblade’s Tomb.

      To get access, do the "Love Hurts" quest.

      50. Above the moving fable 2 прохождение лки floor entrance in the Shadow Court. To gain entrance, do the "Hero Of Skill" quest.

    Gargoyle treasure

    The following treasures will appear in chests for every ten Gargoyles you destroy (in order):

    1. "Dog Tricks! The Growl"
    2. Potion Of Life
    3. Three Emeralds
    4. 10,000 gold
    5. Ghoul Augment
    6. Joke
    7. The Rammer (legendary crossbow)
    The Box Of Secrets shop items

    The following is the list of items needed for The Box Of Secrets trades in the Knothole Island bonus downloadable content:

      "A lovely hairdo" (Cascading Hair): Trade for two Table Wine.

      "A rare ranged weapon" (Hal's Rifle): Trade for Pure Experience Extract.
      "A rebellious costume" (Black Wheel Gang outfit): Trade for Pretty Necklace.
      "A saintly weapon" (Judges Steel Sword): Trade for Monk Robes.
      "A sexy garment" (Knothole Skirt): Trade for "Marriage And How To Survive It".
      "A strong willed weapon" (Staff Of Wrath): Trade for diamond.

      "A stylish accessory" (Greaser Wig): Trade for Eternal Fable 2 прохождение лки Ring.
      "A weapon of note" (Axe Of Disharmony): Trade for two Lutes (can be obtained from the Bowerstone general fable 2 прохождение лки.
      "An evil weapon" (Wretcher's Blade): Trade for three Crunchy Chicks (can be obtained from general stores or the gypsy camp general goods seller).
      "Barbaric garments" (Brodican Warrior Queen Outfit): Trade for two "Murgo's Fable 2 прохождение лки Book Of Trading" (can be obtained from Bowerstone bookstore or furniture).

      "Barbaric weapon" (Brodican Mace): Trade for Regal Purple Dye (can be obtained from clothing or beauty vendors that stock dyes).
      "Murderous attire" (Assassins Outfit): Fable 2 прохождение лки for two Puny Carrots (can be obtained from food sellers in Bowerstone Market or Bloodstone).
      "Vile attire" (Chasm Fable 2 прохождение лки Trade for two Crucible Peanuts.
    Knothole Island book locations

    The books hidden in the Knothole Island bonus downloadable content can be found at the following locations:

      Volume I: Obtained from Gordon.

      Volume II: At the Ice Shrine, enter the room with the slope and electric fields.

      Break the ice, then drop down fable 2 прохождение лки a switch to the right of the slope. Use it to lower a ladder. Climb the ladder to find a fable 2 прохождение лки with the book.

      Volume III: At the Sun Shrine, go to the room with the circular pool of blood in the center and meat hanging from the ceiling.

      Break the wall next to the pressure plate to find the book.

      Volume IV: At the Storm Shrine, as soon as you enter, look to the right behind the rocks to find the book.

      Volume V: Move toward the Sun Key digging fable 2 прохождение лки from Knothole. Get on the path that leads upwards and is next to the gravestones out of the town. Follow the path through the canyon and into the forest until you reach two large boulders on either side of it.

      Move behind the boulder on the right side (a dig spot is also here) to find the book behind the trees.

      Volume VI: Search under the Warrior's Rest House after leaving the Sun Totem Shrine to find the book.

      Volume VII: The book is located behind the Sun Shrine entrance. Follow the path out of town that runs under the houses.

      Follow it past the broken boat on the right side; the Sun Shrine entrance is in front of you.

      Volume Fable 2 прохождение лки Go behind the gravestones in the town. Search the bottom left corner, to the left of the crypt, to find the book.

      Volume IX: The book is located behind ruins on the path just after you exit the Sun Shrine.

      From the teleporter, follow the path under the arch. When you get to the top of the "S"-shaped winding path, the ruin will be to your left, next to the small pond.

      Volume X: The book is located behind a rock to your right, just as you exit the Storm Shrine.

    Restoring youth and fable 2 прохождение лки successfully completing the game, your scars will disappear fable 2 прохождение лки your eyes will return.

    You may now donate a large sum of gold to the Temple Of Light to gain youth. The larger the sum of gold, the younger you will become (with the exception of childhood). You may now also buy Castle Fairfax in the Fairfax Garden outside of Bowerstone.

    By doing the Fairfax castle quest after purchasing the castle itself, you will find a bed. Resting in it will make your character healthier and increase his or her attractiveness, ultimately leading to the full restoration of your character's youth and beauty.

    Bringing dead dog back to life

    Note: This requires the Knothole Island downloadable content. Go to Knothole Island, and have any villager follow you. They will be more likely to follow you if they are in love with you.

    Just above the Chieftain's house is a tomb. When you try to open it without a follower, it will say it is locked. Go into the tomb with your follower, then dismiss them. Quickly exit the fable 2 прохождение лки, and pull the lever just outside. This will sacrifice the villager, which in turn brings your faithful dog back to life.

    Good start for second character

    Use the following trick to get a second character a good start in the game:


      Have a character that is far in the game, able to purchase, and has a large income of approximately 10,000 or more gold every five minutes. Also, have him or her to the point of being able to purchase the ultimate level potions from the potion vendor in Bowerstone (for example, Thunder Strength, etc.).

      2. Purchase multiple numbers of the different potions (about five of each recommended), then save the game, and quit.

      Allow at least six hours fable 2 прохождение лки real time to elapse.

      3. Resume the game, and load your advanced character. Immediately after he or she has finished loading but before they get all the gold that has been building fable 2 прохождение лки while the game was off, press Start on controller two to bring in a playable henchman.

      Set it up so that it is connected to the file of the character you want to boost.

      4. Adjust the output so the henchman gets all the gold and experience, then play as usual. All the money that you have collected since the last time you played should go directly to your henchman (the character you want to build up).

      5. Go into your potions. Use all of the potions you have for experience, and all the experience will go to fable 2 прохождение лки second character.


      Next, have the second player quit so the game saves all the experience points and gold to the character to be boosted. If desired, you can also purchase abilities before you have the second player quit.

      7. This is the most important step. Have the first player quit without saving the game.

      8. When the title screen appears, go back to the advanced character again. He or she will still have all the gold and potions. Repeat steps 3 through 7 as many times as desired.

    "Rescuing Charlie" quest

    During the quest, wait until Charles asks you to help him open the tomb/coffin.

    After the Hollowmen start appearing, you can kill Charles, take his hat, and fable 2 прохождение лки finish the quest and get the reward. Alternately, you can just kill all the Hollowmen and make it to the exit with Charles and get a different dialog from his gran.

    Crucible revisited

    When you return to the Crucible ten years later (after the Tattered Spire), it is best to have some five star skills.

    Included in these skills should be Slow Time and Chaos. You should also have a five star Fireball attack so that you can kill most enemies around you through most of the rounds and get Perfect Rounds. When you get to the eighth and final round against the Rock Troll, wait for the Spores to appear, fable 2 прохождение лки dodge the rocks, and cast five star Slow Time.

    Run up to the troll, cast five star Chaos, fable 2 прохождение лки take out your fastest and most powerful ranged gun. Shoot the Spores until they are all gone before Chaos wears off. Alternately, cast a five star Lightning or Fire attack (non-enemy targeting) and hope that it will destroy all the Spores instantly.

    Otherwise, repeat the process until the Troll is dead in under one minute fifty seconds.

    Confused dog

    Go to Rookridge after purchasing or finding the rubber ball item and after defeating Dash. Stand in the center of the bridge facing the waterfall, and throw the rubber ball as far as possible. If it lands in the waterfall slightly to the right, it will appear under the fable 2 прохождение лки out of view. Your dog will then become confused and will begin running in circles trying to get to fable 2 прохождение лки.

    To make your dog stop, punish or praise him. Note: Throwing another rubber ball will not work, as he will not see it.

    Permanent Shadow Creature villagers

    Note: This glitch may require a few attempts. Take some villagers to the Temple Of Shadows to sacrifice them. After you have pulled the lever, quickly turn off Safety mode.

    If you are lucky, you will get Shadow Creature as a sacrifice. Quickly kill the villagers before they disappear. They will remain there as Shadow Creatures and not disappear. Their body will continue to smoke as a Shadow Creature.

    Lionhead Studios logo

    Find the prostitute on the east side of Bloodstone.

    Press A when near her to buy the Lionhead Studios logo. You can show it off fable 2 прохождение лки using the "Trophy" fable 2 прохождение лки guitar" statue

    Go to Oakfield, and visit the sculptor. Choose any town where you would like the statue erected. When she tells you to do a pose, go to your list of Actions.

    Choose "Social", and select the Lute. After finishing the pose, go to the fable 2 прохождение лки that has the statue. If you chose Oakfield, simply walk out to Rookridge, then walk back out. Fable 2 прохождение лки you reach the statue, it should appear as if you are playing air guitar.

    HP Lovecraft reference

    In the "The Summoners" side quest, two brothers read from the Necronomicon and summon the dead. The Necronomicon originally fable 2 прохождение лки in the works of HP Lovecraft, a master of horror fiction.

    Lionhead Studios references

    Play the "Treasure Island Of Doom" quest.

    When you get to Treasure Island, look at fable 2 прохождение лки shape of the island in the middle of the lake. It is shaped like that of the lion in the Lionhead Studio logo.

    When playing the Knothole Island bonus downloadable content, the names on the gravestones in the cemetery refer to Lionhead Studios employees.

    The Lion, The Witch, And The Fable 2 прохождение лки reference

    Go to the furniture store in the Barrow Stone marketplace.

    Go up the stairs to where you see three cabinets. Search them, and one will be described as "No, no wintry wonder place. Just an empty closet."

    Easy "The Archmage" achievement

    Maximize one attack spell.

    Go into the Arena, and only use magic during a Humanoid round (Bandits, Hobbes, etc.).

    Easy "The Artisan" achievement

    Reach Level 5 of the Blacksmith job, as this is the easiest job.

    Easy "The Black Knight" achievement

    Get your Dextrous Style to 3, then go to The Crucible.

    Reach the undead round, and kill all but one. Use a Time Stop (any rank, though some may require more attempts). Hold Y to aim at him, then hold RT and press the Left Analog-stick Left or Right, then shoot to blow off one weapon. Aim at the other weapon, and shoot it off.

    Then, aim up, and take out his head.

    Easy "The Celebrity" achievement

    Do every Renown quest possible or go to a bard, and draw a large crowd. Have him play a song, then continue to flash your best trophy. Note: Doing this for long enough will make people hate you.

    Easy "The Chicken Kicker" achievement

    Kick a chicken 10 feet or more.

    Easy "The Cliff Diver" achievement

    When you are in Bloodstone, travel to the very end of the docks past the boat house.

    There will be two bushes that you will have to cut away. It will lead you to a cave. As soon as you get in, jump down into some water fable 2 прохождение лки get the "The Cliff Diver" achievement.

    When you first arrive in Rookridge and reach the broken bridge, jump when prompted, and immediately hold LT to look at the three bandits.

    When you think you are just about to hit the water, release LT. If timed correctly, you will get the "The Cliff Diver" achievement.

    Easy "The Companions" achievement

    Go up to a person with a partner in Co-op mode.

    Make sure to have them targeted, then begin an expression at the same time, and hold it to perform a "Perfect" expression. Release the expression at the same time to get the achievement.

    Easy "The Dollcatcher" achievement

    Note: You can only get one doll per account. You will need to trade dolls fable 2 прохождение лки friends. To get this, score between 150 and 174 on the Westcliff shooting range game.

    Normal shots award 1 point, and headshots award 3 points.

    Easy "The Double Threat" achievement

    Attack something fable 2 прохождение лки the same time with a Co-op mode partner.

    Easy "The Duellist" achievement

    You will need Brutal Styles at level 3 or higher.

    Find an open area, and start swinging. fable 2 прохождение лки

    fable 2 прохождение лки

    You must time these correctly so that a blue line appears behind your weapon after swinging. The moment the weapon appears with the blue line and reaches fable 2 прохождение лки peak of the attack, press X again to continue the chain. Repeat this quickly to five consecutive attacks to get the achievement.

    Note: Sometimes you must do more than five chains; if it does not work after five, keep doing it until you get the achievement.

    Easy "The Extremist" achievement

    Buy a fair number of houses or stalls, and raise the tax to 100%.

    This should quickly raise your Corruption level.

    Easy "The Gambler" achievement

    Go to Bloodstone, and play the Bloodstone game at the Game Master. Bet on the outer arch, then place bets on "4", "5", "6", and "7".

    This game is played by betting to lose, not win. It may take a while to get the achievement, but it is easy. Note: You must have played every kind fable 2 прохождение лки game first to get this achievement. The games are Fortunes Tower, Keystone, and Spinnerbox.

    Play Keystone, and only place arch bets. You might lose your total winnings sometimes, but you should build it up slowly.

    Try betting on the inner Keystone bet slot to try to make it hit the Keystones less.

    Easy "The Hero Of Many Names" achievement

    Buy or obtain a new title from the Town Crier.

    Easy "The Hunter" achievement

    Turn the safety off, and kill an innocent rabbit.

    Easy "The Gargoyle" achievement

    Shoot all fable 2 прохождение лки Gargoyles, and get The Rammer (legendary crossbow).

    Easy "The Goth" achievement

    Dye all of your clothing and hair black using Moonless Midnight Dye.

    Easy "The Menace To Society" achievement

    Gain the Vulger Thrust expression.

    Strip your hero of all his clothing, and go up to any villager and use a perfect Vulgar Thrust on him or her. Note: The person you do this to will report you to the guards; be prepared to pay a fine or do service.

    Easy "The Muse" achievement

    Have a bard sing songs of you with a few people around.

    Easy "The Nutcracker" achievement (See The Future DLC)

    Find someone that does not die no matter how many times they are shot. Make sure you have the ability to aim at different parts of their body.

    Aim at their groin, and shoot it 25 times to get "The Nutcracker" achievement.

    Easy "The Paragon" achievement

    Donate lots of money to the Temple Of Light or sacrifice many innocents to the Temple Of Shadows.

    Easy "The Parent" achievement

    Have a child by having unprotected sex with your husband or wife.

    Easy "The Party Animal" achievement

    Stock up on beer or rum. Go to any place with people. Focus on fable 2 прохождение лки person at fable 2 прохождение лки time, and quickly give them beer as gifts.

    The higher the rank of the beer or rum, the faster they will get drunk.

    Easy "The Persuader" achievement

    Have a friend send you a gift or get a villager to love you. Eventually a greenish-yellow symbol will appear above their head. Hold LT to target them, and press Fable 2 прохождение лки to receive their gift.

    Easy "The Philanthropist" achievement

    Send any gift to another player in the game. This is easy to get if you set online Orbs to "Everyone" instead of "Friends Only".

    Easy "The Pied Piper" achievement

    Have a bard sing a tune with at least five villagers around you.

    Begin flashing your trophy to lure them near, then continue to use the Fable 2 прохождение лки expression until gained. Note: If you attract too many people, the game will lag noticeably.

    Easy "The Pooch Pamperer" achievement

    Play fetch with your dog.

    You need the rubber ball fable 2 прохождение лки do this. It is obtained from the first dig location after leaving the Gypsy Camp.

    Easy "The Property Magnate" achievement

    Put all five star furniture in one house, and sell it. Make sure to search for bedside tables, as they are easy to overlook.

    Easy "The Rogue" achievement

    Go to the bookstore in Bowerstone. Go upstairs, and steal from one of the bookcases.

    Easy "The Romantic" achievement

    Take any person who likes a certain area to the area, and use the expressions he or she likes fable 2 прохождение лки "The Sharpshooter" achievement

    Use a blunderbuss on any group of enemies.

    Easy "The Show-Off" achievement

    Perform a "Perfect" expression in front of a villager.

    This is done by holding A when selecting an expression.

    Easy "The Swinger" achievement

    Get the "Come Back To My Place" expression. Go to Bloodstone, and use it on two prostitutes. Take them to an inn or your home, and select the bed. Note: You will have a high chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease; make sure to use protection.

    Easy "The Teaser" achievement

    You must use expressions on a target that is attacking you. Find any bandits, and kill all but one of them.

    Stand away from him, and use the Fun, Flirt, Rude, and Scary expressions in that order on him, while he fable 2 прохождение лки targeted. This is difficult to do and may take some time. Alternately, if you have completed the game and have enough money to buy Fairfax Catle, do so. Start the quest, and when you get to the throne room with the bandits, stand behind the throne, as they wil not be able to attack you. Target them, and use the expressions.

    Easy "The Workhorse" achievement

    Start Level 1 of the Blacksmith job, and do not quit after getting all 100 gold.

    Keep going until your multiplier is 10 because this is the slowest job level.

    Easy end game achievements

    At the end of the game when you are back in the Spire to get your revenge against Lucien, make sure you save, then continue the game.

    Once done, face and kill Lucien. Select one of the three choices Theresea presents you with. After you unlock the achievement, immediately reset the Xbox 360. Choose to continue the game to get the next achievement until all three have been selected and unlocked. You can reset the Xbox 360 a fourth time to select the choice you really wanted.


    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

      The Pooch Pamperer (5 points): Play fetch with your dog, or see another Hero's dog play.

      The Archaeologist (5 points): Dig up something the dog has discovered, or see another Hero do so.
      The Dog Trainer (5 points): Teach your dog a fable 2 прохождение лки, or see another Hero's dog learn one.
      The Persuader (5 points): Convince a villager to give you a present, or see another Hero do so.
      The Fable 2 прохождение лки (5 points): Impress a villager with a perfect expression, or see another Hero do so.
      The Romantic (10 points): Take a villager on a perfect date, or tag along to one.

      Location and expressions are all-important.

      The Spouse (10 points): Marry a villager, or attend the wedding of another Hero.
      The Parent (10 points): Have a child, or be there for the birth of another Hero's child.

      The Hunter (5 points): Kill a sweet, innocent, fluffy bunny rabbit (remember, safety's off!)
      The Gargoyle (25 fable 2 прохождение лки Find the gargoyles' legendary treasure.
      The Chicken Kicker (5 points): Kick a fable 2 прохождение лки a good distance, or see one getting kicked.
      The Cliff Diver (5 points): Cliff dive 500 feet, or see another Hero do so.
      The Workhorse (10 points): A Hero must achieve a high-enough chain while performing a job.

      The Hero Of Many Names (5 points): Change your Hero's title, or see another Hero change theirs.
      The Teaser (5 points): Make bandits respond fable 2 прохождение лки expressions with fear, anger, mirth, and confusion.

      during combat!

      The Property Magnate (10 points): A property must be sold for twice the price it was bought for.
      The Rogue (5 points): Steal something undetected from a building while there are people nearby, or see another Hero do so.
      The Illustrated Hero (5 points): Tattoo every part of your Hero's body, or see another Hero do so.
      The Executioner (10 points): Sacrifice ten people in the Temple of Shadows, or see another Hero do fable 2 прохождение лки.

      The Gambler (10 points): A Hero must win 500 gold at a pub game in one sitting, having tried each game type at least once.
      The Bigamist (10 fable 2 прохождение лки Get married a second time, whilst already married, or attend the second wedding of another Hero.

      The Swinger (5 points): Take part in a debauched bedroom party with several participants.
      The Pied Piper (10 points): Start a party where at least five villagers are dancing, or see another Hero do so.
      The Party Animal (10 points): Get five fable 2 прохождение лки drunk in under three minutes, or see another Hero do so.

      The Menace To Society (5 points): Commit an act of public indecency, or see another Hero commit one.
      The Black Knight (10 points): Shoot the weapons from a hollow man's hands, blow off his head and then kill him for good!

      The Duellist (10 points): String together a full-speed chain attack, or see another Hero do so.
      The Sharpshooter (10 points): Hit three enemies with one shot, or see another Hero do so.

      The Archmage (10 points): A Hero must kill five human enemies with one spell. fable 2 прохождение лки Ruler Of Albion (100 points): Amass a 2.5 million gold real estate empire, or be there when another Hero does.

      The Hoarder (25 points): Collect every silver key, or see another Hero do so.
      The Goth (5 points): A Hero must dye their hair black, and wear a black outfit and black makeup.
      The Completionist (50 points): Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so.

      The Paragon (15 points): Reach 100% good or evil, or see another Hero do so.
      The Extremist (15 points): Reach 100% purity or corruption, or see another Hero do so.

      The Celebrity (50 points): Reach 50,000 renown, or see another Hero do so.
      The Artisan (10 points): Succeed at one job to Level 5, or see another Hero do so.
      The Dollcatcher (10 points): Collect all the Hero dolls, or see another Hero collect them.

      The Muse (5 points): Inspire the Bard to compose songs celebrating your great deeds.
      The Companions (10 points): Perform a perfect co-op expression.
      The Double Threat (10 points): Get a co-op combat bonus.

      The Philanthropist (10 points): Send a gift to an Xbox LIVE friend, or watch another Hero send one.