Fresh paint скачать бесплатно

fresh paint скачать бесплатно

A beautifully designed paint program for Windows 10

Fresh Paint is an app for the Windows 10 interface that lets you draw or retouch images on your PC.

Looking just like it fits into the Windows 10 interface, Fresh Paint is an aesthetically pleasing painting app that's easy enough for children to use, but provides enough features to please older users.

One of the things that makes Fresh Fresh paint скачать бесплатно so unique is just how realistic the painting experience is.

The paint in Fresh Paint actually acts like it would if you had a palette and easel in your own home. You can blend and mix colors to get specific shades of your choosing, plus choose from a lot of different editing options to ensure your idea is properly translated onto your digital canvas.

Unfortunately, Fresh Paint has some stability issues, where it sometimes fresh paint скачать бесплатно upon startup.

fresh paint скачать бесплатно

This can really add frustration to an otherwise pretty graphically amazing experience. Some basic editing tools are also missing, which will hopefully be updated in the next version of the app.