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Don't know how long I waited for something similar.

Great help for me! Lots of thanks!

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Thanks for the positive review!
You may check a new version at google code, more stable and with some bugs resolved.
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Thanks alot for this little really helpful tool.

I like it a lot and use it daily.

овициальный сайт total commander

I'm a big fan of total commander so i really like the Navigation assistant's integration with it.

I have some imporve suggestions which would make the tool even more useful, for at least me.

1. Овициальный сайт total commander the ability to index files is added, make it configurable to turn indexing files off, so that no resources is allocated if it's off. I belive that if this ability is added it would (as you metioned in an answer) make it slower and take up much more system resources and this little tool will овициальный сайт total commander longer be so овициальный сайт total commander.

For me it's simle enough to only navigate for folders and if you use totalcommander it's possible to use it's filter possiblility to further refine file filter/search function when you have navigated to a folder with Navigation Assistant.

2. Овициальный сайт total commander would really appreciate if the ability to add some remote paths could be added, so that the folders in these paths could be indexed aswell. I tried to add a remote path in the "Folders to parse" configuration item, but this only made the tool to stop working.

Thanks again for a really nice article and tool!

with regards Boris

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your tool is excellent.
I'm wondering if it is a big task to extend this functionality to navigate also to files?

Your tool would then be a replacement for the search functionality for files, too.
I know the database would become huge.

Thanks for your work

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Thanks for the review and suggestions!

It may not be a big task, but i was afraid of the be problems with performance and decided not to implement it in the pilot version:

овициальный сайт total commander

овициальный сайт total commander the program will have to monitor each file operation, овициальный сайт total commander the system might operate slower overall (during installs or folder copying) (currently just folders are monitored)
2. also, when listening to both file and folder changes it's impossible to distinguish whether the recently created entity is a file or folder, so the program will have to check file system explicitly, which will impose a huge overhead.

But when i return to it, i will definitely consider this option.

Best Regards,

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I installed for WinXP, which seems овициальный сайт total commander be fine.

A small window apeared to check the directories then the system tray showed an icon. This disappeared after a few seconds. I restarted it from the Start/Program Files/. but the process stops after a short while without any message or error.
Is this for Win7 only?

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Thanks for the information!

It should work on WinXP; and your case is definitely a severe bug

Unfortunately I did not enhance this utility with logging (to keep the size small, to avoid additional dependencies and simply to save time and release the tool to see if it's useful for someone at all).

It's very strange that no error message appears anyway.

If you would be so kind, you may look at system log (Control Panel->Administrative tools->Event Viewer) and search for any error reports and send them to me.

Also, there is a known bug in Win XP of missing icons in the tray. Could you try овициальный сайт total commander press Ctrl-Shift-M when Navigation Assistant seems to have crashed to make sure it has really crashed, and not just lost an icon in the tray?

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