Плагин omnibox таймер

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When the user enters your extension's keyword, the user starts interacting solely with your плагин omnibox таймер. Each keystroke is sent to your extension, and you can provide suggestions in response.

The suggestions can be richly formatted in a variety of ways.

плагин omnibox таймер

When the user accepts a suggestion, your extension is notified and can take action.


You must include an field in плагин omnibox таймер manifest to use the omnibox API.

You should also specify a 16x16-pixel icon, which will be displayed in the address bar when suggesting that users enter keyword mode.

For example: плагин omnibox таймер

{ "name": "Aaron's omnibox extension", "version": "1.0", "omnibox": { "keyword" : "aaron" },"icons": {"16": "16-full-color.png"}, "background": { "persistent": false, "scripts": ["background.js"] плагин omnibox таймер } }

Note: Chrome automatically creates a grayscale version of your 16x16-pixel icon.

You should provide a full-color version so that it can also be плагин omnibox таймер used in other situations that require color.

плагин omnibox таймер

For example, the context menus API also uses a 16x16-pixel icon, but it is displayed in плагин omnibox таймер.


You can find samples of this API on the sample page.