С турбичево стара церковь до 1873 года

General Comments

The 1873-S dollar has been the subject of much discussion and speculation. No confirmed example с турбичево стара церковь до 1873 года known. Reference 4 contains an excellent write-up on the coin, including speculation that it both does and does not exist.

An argument for the existence of this date, at least in 1873, is based on a letter found in the National Archives by Harry X.

Boosel, �Mr.

с турбичево стара церковь до 1873 года

1873� (see reference 14). This letter, from с турбичево стара церковь до 1873 года Superintendent of the Branch Mint at San Francisco to the Director of the Mint in Philadelphia, states that one 1873-S dollar coin was sent to the U. S. Assay Office. The letter is dated March 5, 1873, 4 weeks prior to the effective date of the legislation which created the trade dollar, precluding the possibility that the coin was actually a trade dollar.

An opposing possibility, posed by Tom DeLorey and documented in Reference 4, speculates that the 700 reported 1873-S dollars may have all been left-over coins dated 1872-S.

This possibility would identify the coin sent to the Assay Office as an example of the 1872-S, and would be the most plausible explanation of why no 1873-S dollar examples have surfaced in over 140 years.