Service pack 3

Windows Vista is drawing to the end of its life. Under Microsoft’s official product lifecycle, the mainstream support phase for Windows Vista will end in less than one year, on April 10, 2012—five years, two months, and 16 days after it became generally available on January 25, 2007. (For business editions, there’s an extended support period that lasts another five years, guaranteeing security updates until 2017.)

Carey Frisch

Hi all especially the moderators i would just like it cleared up from a proper source that vista service pack 3 will never see the light of day and if so then service pack 3 will definately and permanently go over to linux.

Many thousands of posts on many forums service pack 3 back years have requested a service pack 3 as sp2 along with the later patches didnt quite make it.

Xp however has been a very good workhorse for 12 years now and is still being used service pack 3 many of my customers who i advised to take xp when moving from windows 98 or ME .

I have been very faithfull to service pack 3 since the days of DOS and windows 3 etc but recently because microsoft have been dragging thier heals on vista and shoving two new operating systems practically back to back at the world windows 7 and 8 then i see myself service pack 3 up after nearly 20 years as engineer and technical advisor and have service pack 3 no recompense from microsoft due to thier complete ignorance to what the people who use MS OS actually want they seem to tell you what you are getting and you have to keep up.

Only if Microsoft can release a service pack 3 and allow support past the os projected user life just like the did with xp then it will definately force a downward slide in sales further than what it is right now due to a lack of confidence.

Vista to date has has less support than any other os prior to it and also had no support for many intel based chipsets and graphics service pack 3 should have had and still be having support IE the 845 and 852 chipset and quite surprisingly these chipsets had hardly been on the market but wre still being supported by xp and linux why does microsoft want to cut the ties is there something they are not telling us.

So in closing heres a stratagem for service pack 3 surprise us all and do a proper release of servce pack 3 and have your engineers stop complaining and update and release full access to all past 845 and 852/855 drivers instead of just leaving a document were you would expect to find the driver as this type of mentality effects the sale of your new OS too or is that your plan allow vista to live till everyone can afford to tranfer to windows 7 when you release service pack 2 for it as at present its really gready and still has winsxs (and yes it does steal space even tho it is just meant to be hard links etc) so get that sorted as well by allowing the OS to clean outdated files and dlls etc from the winsxs folder or come up with a proper service pack 3 like not having it just like you did in windows 98 and 98se

Time for everyone service pack 3 make a stand service pack 3 vista all previously stopped driver support restarted for all 800 and 900 series chipsets graphics audio etc as this effects the sale of your service pack 3 new OS as 50% of pcs still contain those 800 to 900 series chipsets etc you work it out sometimes forward thinking doenst work as i know most of service pack 3 customers would happily upgrade thier OS but only if it was fully compatible but cant afford a new pc you do realise the world is in recession ????

I am just at normal it guy, but it seems someone needs to clear up a few things:

- Drivers service pack 3 not developed by Microsoft.

INTEL has decided to stop support for the products.
( To some extend Microsoft does have an influence, by increasing hardware feature requirements per OS version. )

- Windows 7 has an improved Vista core and i suggest buying it while it is still available.

- Windows 8 wil appear app. 3 years after Windows 7. Just as Win7 appeared app. 3 years after Vista.
This is and allways (?) has been the Microsoft target for OS development.

service pack 3

The XP -> Service pack 3 gap is an exeption.

- Giving 5 years of function patch support followed by 5 years security fixes on an comercial product is reasonable and fair. The fact that some fixes are never made, is however anoying at the least.

This 5 + 5 strategy is an announced strategy and should not be a surprise to service pack 3 I hate them too once in a while.

service pack 3