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WDB's Extensive Landscaping Services

Bluestone and Wdtnjr bp ,bcthf Stone Patios

WDB Landscaping's signature service is design and installation of breathtaking patios from Pennsylvania's magnificent bluestone and other natural stone.

While we also create beautiful wooden decks and paver patios (See "Walkway, Patio and Architectural Pavers" below) nothing comes close to the natural, dramatic look of dry or wet-laid patios. Day or night, WDB Landscaping's bluestone and natural stone patios are permanently beautiful entertaining centers.

Our craftsmen prepare the surface and then custom lay each piece of stone, carefully constructing a solid, inspiring focal point for your landscaping. Let us show you how reasonably we can design and build the Cadillac of patios wdtnjr bp ,bcthf Pennsylvania bluestone and other natural stone. (Residential and Commercial)

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Color Splashes: Fall and Spring

Do your beds (the ones outside your home) wdtnjr bp ,bcthf "making?" WDB Landscaping can help you choose wdtnjr bp ,bcthf a palette of seasonal flowers, shrubs, and ornamental trees that can make your home stand out from its neighbors.

In the fall we'll do the same, adding the correct colors and looks to make your outside up-to-date.

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Complex Landscape Design

Is an inspiring landscape design that artistically integrates shrubs, trees, plants, indigenous grasses, natural stone and other architectural landscaping components your goal for your property? WDB Landscaping's college-graduate CEO has more wdtnjr bp ,bcthf a decade of wdtnjr bp ,bcthf designing and building landscapes wdtnjr bp ,bcthf the region.

The WDB Landscaping team has the experience, talent, full-time staff and equipment to be able to start with your ideas, completely analyze your property, craft a unique blueprint design, assemble the materials, build, and maintain your outdoor work of art perfectly for years to come.

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Grounds Management

WDB Landscaping is known across the Delaware Valley region for its attention to grounds management.

We keep residential, commercial, non-profit and government properties in tip-top shape all year 'round. Our managers carefully watch and constantly analyze your property, visually and scientifically, making sure that lawns, shrubs, flowers and trees are receiving the right nutrients at the right times while keeping them appropriately trimmed for each season.

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When WDB Landscaping builds or maintains your residential, commercial or government property we carefully analyze the topography to ensure that your lawn, shrubs, trees and flowers are adequately hydrated.

We also install automated watering systems that will enable you to keep your property beautiful from Spring wdtnjr bp ,bcthf Fall. When our analysis indicates improper drainage we have the planning, equipment and manpower experience to be wdtnjr bp ,bcthf to effectively redirect improper water flows by re-grading and adding French and other automated drainage systems.

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Lawn Maintenance and Mulching

Before spring arrives then right through the end of fall WDB Landscaping will maintain your home, business or government lawn and beds.

In spring we apply appropriate pre-emergent materials to keep weeds across your property to a minimum. We'll ensure that your weed-resistant barriers are intact, trim your shrubs and then add the required amount of mulch or decorative stones to present a clean, sharp tableau. Then, throughout the year we'll keep your residential, commercial or government flower and shrub beds looking like they did when first set up for the seasons.

Your lawn gets the same attention.

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When indicated wdtnjr bp ,bcthf treat, edge and then regularly trim your lawn at seasonally correct heights from spring through late fall.

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Long-Term, Phased-In Projects

Do you have big outdoor dreams for your property and a budget that only will allow them to be realized in manageable steps?

WDB Landscaping will work with you to craft a dramatic plan that will turn your residential property into a showcase in deliberate steps. We'll backwards plan for the swimming pool, the large natural stone patio and fire pit, full-service barbecue area, pergolas, formal gardens and any other features. Then we'll work with your budget to start phasing them in over a two, three or longer-year period. When WDB Landscaping can first create the total design in the end you'll have a totally integrated outdoor showcase wdtnjr bp ,bcthf of one in which segments may appear to have been added at random.

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Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Shade and ornamental trees, properly shaped and sheared, help create dramatic residential, commercial and government landscape accents.

Let WDB Landscaping instantly beautify your property with well-established, exotic and hard-to-find trees and shrubs, then maintain them giving them the greatest opportunity for perfect health and landscape beauty. In creating a landscape design for young shrubs and trees we'll place them in configurations that will allow wdtnjr bp ,bcthf to grow into perfect maturity without encroaching on each other.

We have a landscaper's crystal balls and know how to look well into the future from the moment your landscaping is planted.

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Outdoor Lighting: Standard and Low-Voltage

Outdoor lighting custom-designed and professionally installed by WDB Landscaping can turn a beautiful residential, commercial or government landscape by day into a dramatic, safely lit tableau at night.

We may use low-voltage lighting in combination with conventionally powered lighting that will make your property stand out. Patios with proper lighting can be used for a large part of the year at night wdtnjr bp ,bcthf WDB Landscaping installs electric or propane outdoor heating. There's nothing like pre-dinner cocktails under a cool fall canopy of stars when your WDB Landscaping custom-designed-and-built patio includes radiant heat that turns a November night into June.

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Seasonal Cleanups

Do you want to maintain your wdtnjr bp ,bcthf property but still hanker for a running start on your residential or commercial landscaping once each spring and then fall?

WDB Landscaping's professionals can fine-tune your landscaping and turn the day-to-day lawn cutting and maintenance over to you until fall starts waning. Twice a year we'll make your grounds perfect, wdtnjr bp ,bcthf its on you for the eight to ten months before we return. From edging to shrub pruning and bed preparation we'll wdtnjr bp ,bcthf you up to a running start at budget-pleasing prices.

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Walkway, Patio and Architectural Pavers

Pavers are a landscaping staple today and WDB Landscaping has been designing and installing walkways, patios and architecturally functioning pavers for more than a decade.

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We'll turn a bland, ho-hum blacktop driveway into a striking patterned paver area. Then we'll bracket it with complementary walkways design. Next we'll extend one paver walkway into your back yard and onto a wdtnjr bp ,bcthf paver patio. Our installations utilize polymeric sand wdtnjr bp ,bcthf a last step to create a permanent bond between pavers, reduce shifting, and keep weeds from popping wdtnjr bp ,bcthf in between pavers. We also clean and seal existing paver areas.

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Working with Your Architect

We often work closely with architects at the new construction planning stage for tract homes or developing audacious landscape plans for large estates or commercial buildings and campuses.

Our CEO, Warren Brelsford, wdtnjr bp ,bcthf prices architectural projects (residential, commercial and government) with an eye towards total satisfaction that naturally leads you to select WDB Landscaping not only as the landscaping contractor but the firm chosen wdtnjr bp ,bcthf maintain your property for years to come.

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Snow and Ice

Has the commercial or government property you managed limped through a cold, snowy winter season with too many complaints about lackluster snow and ice preparedness and removal?

When the cold winds start blowing and grass long ago stopped growing WDB Landscaping hooks up its snow plows for commercial, government and residential customers across the region. We rely on a proprietary weather forecasting system to be ready for your needs so employees, customers, clients and patrons can park and walk with less chances of slipping, sliding or simply being unable to access your parking areas and struggling to get to work.

Let WDB Landscaping protect your property this winter and then seamlessly move into landscaping mode once Old Man Winter departs. (Commercial and Government)

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