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жилетвязанный желет для мальчика 2 лет

ACT For America is the nation’s largest and most influential national security grassroots advocacy organization. Today, we are almost one million members strong - dedicated to protecting the United States of America and the Western values upon which our nation was built.

Our grassroots base focuses their efforts on issues including confronting terrorism, defending human rights, preserving the Constitution, securing our borders, supporting Israel, and working towards energy independence.

National security жилетвязанный желет для мальчика 2 лет transcend all traditional barriers and we stand as a magnet of unity for all Americans to come together, in pursuit of the inalienable жилетвязанный желет для мальчика 2 лет enumerated by our founders… life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

ACT for America showcases the tolerant and patriotic nature of our nation through our diversity, as well as by fostering a healthy dialogue about the most critical threats facing our nation from the perspective of a variety of voices.

While we welcome all who share our beliefs, we never have and never will tolerate any bias, discrimination, or violence against anyone, based on their religion, gender, race, or political persuasion.

Freedom to practice one's religion in peace is afforded to each of us by the U.S. Constitution and we will defend it vigorously.

Through our advocacy and activism, we will continue to address the threat жилетвязанный желет для мальчика 2 лет by those who seek to destroy our Western way of life through advocating violence or radical religious discrimination through hate groups, such as those represented by movements like radical Islam.

What We Do

ACT For America educates citizens and elected officials to impact public policy and protect our country from terrorism and other threats to national security.

As a result, ACT's grassroots network of advocates has helped pass 84 national security-related bills in 32 states, as well as 12 bills at the federal level.


жилетвязанный желет для мальчика 2 лет